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Whether you are looking for live or online auction services, the team at McCurley Auctions is ready to put their full service auction skills to work for you.

Farm & Land Real Estate

It is a proven fact that auctions achieve more money in this setting. McCurley Auctions has an example of a 1 year old real estate purchase bringing 10% more. Hundreds of successful auctions show proven results.

Residential Real Estate

Still a proven fact that auction marketing works. Public opinion is changing quickly across the country. Auctions are not just for estate settlements any more. Many real estate owners choose us to auction their home. The best way to create a competitive atmosphere.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can be on the market for years. You, the seller, and McCurley Auctions can make a decision to move this property in 30, 60, 90 days. The McCurley team can make it happen.

Estates & Personal Property

Estate and personal property auctions is a great way to sell for almost any reason. McCurley Auctions has been noted for marketing all types of personal items. They also specialize in antiques, collectibles, toys, advertising signs, watches, coins, jewelry to name a few. McCurley’s have associates with expertise in almost every personal property scenario.

Farm Equipment

More and more, farm equipment is sold and bought using the auction method.  Buyers and sellers are increasingly aware of the benefits of selling and buying machinery at auctions. McCurley Auctions will partner with auctioneers conducting hundreds of these type auctions when needed.

Industrial Equipment

Selling your surplus industrial equipment is a great way for companies to capture the market value from used parts and machinery. Auctioneer associates will help us with these. Fact: Many forms of industrial tables, parts are making there way into the large homes as kitchen islands and useful fixtures.