About McCurley Auctions

The McCurley family has been in the auction business since 1950. George McCurley has helped sell collections from all over the world at auctions that can be attended live online or in person.

Private collectors and enthusiasts have consigned to the auction company with confidence. Some outrageous prices have been paid for rare high quality items.

George is a History Graduate from the University of Illinois. He has conducted over 1,000 auctions. George has been featured in over 300 newspapers, 500 radio appearances and well over 250 Television appearances.

The McCurley Auction team is willing to help sell either privately or at auction, all types of Personal Property or Real Estate. The group is especially interested in Estates, Vintage & Antique store inventories, 30 years old or older, of Toys, Advertising, Fixtures, Military. Coins, Watches and Jewelry. Also, the group will sell Real Estate, Vehicles, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Tractors.

What We Sell

From Coins, Antiques to Tractors.

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Illinois State Auctioneers Association

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