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Selling Information

 Are you going to have an auction? Call George or text him directly at (217) 243-6418.


Here is how it works.

  1. We will come to you and preview the items for auction.  George almost always handles this personally.

  2. Next you and our auction team make a decision on how and where to sell the items.

Regardless of the value and number of items, we can tailor the sale to your needs. Every plan is put together with a successful marketing result.

One of our methods is to package your items with other items of the same type . For Example:  If you have an old 1929 Mickey Mouse tin litho windup toy, we would sell with other quality toys and vintage items.


  (George McCurley sold this toy 20 years ago for $13,200. The owner received $12,800. Commissions and expenses vary based on quality and buyers fees.)

3. Preparation then begins for the auction. Based on the quality sometimes auction preparation is quick, and other times it takes 50 to 100 hours to properly market a small collection.
4.Next, we select a time and date for the auction. Don’t worry if it is going to take longer than you thought. We actually have a program to give you an advance towards your final receipt of money. Cash in advance is provided to help you with immediate financial needs.

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